Professional Grooming/Self Serve


Full professional grooms include 2 baths, had drying, groom/ haircut, brush, trimmed nails and anal glands. Feel free to call and set up an appointment we can usually provide professional grooming services within 3 business days. Cats are taken by appointment only and are scheduled for the morning to ensure a quiet atmosphere for the groom which helps keep cats calmer.

Our shop has four self service tubs that are available during all open hours. Clipper packages are available for self service use as well. We require all dogs to be washed and dried prior to renting clippers, this ensures optimal operation of our rental equipment. Professional groomers are available to assist with nail trims and answer your questions (see fee schedule below).

Our self service is available 7 days a week 8AM- 4PM with no appointment necessary. Easy on you and your pet. We clean up the mess so you can walk away happy!


New Self Service Pricing

*Effective 4-12-2016

  • Bath/ All Dogs $20.00 ($18.00 during happy hour Noon-4pm M-F)
  • Clipper pack $12.00
  • Nails Trimmed $11.00 ($10.00 during happy hour Noon-4pm M-F)
  • Nails Dremmeled $15.00 ($10.00 during happy hour Noon-4pm M-F)
  • Anal Gladnd Expression $15.00 ($10.00 during happy hour Noon-4pm M-F)
  • Scaling $14.00-20.00
  • Teeth brushed $11.00 (10.00 during happy hour Noon-4pm M-F)

Self Service Hours 7 days a week 8PM-4PM